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20 tutors, 2 executives, 1 loving and dedicated team.


Founder & Teacher

I am Colleen, the founder of JIANG CHINESE. I am currently teaching at the Mandarin Learning Center of Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. During my years of teaching, I have seen many foreign students desire to continue learning Chinese when they return to their home country. In addition, I understand that remarkable teachers always have significant impacts on students. For these reasons, this online platform was created. Here, I hope to provide students with the most useful, efficient and diversified learning experience where greater, mutual interaction can be achieved. Because we can teach students in other continents and time-zones, more possibilities for language learning can be created, thus breaking the barriers of international borders, time, distance, and space.


Co-founder & Marketing

In my past 10 and more years of experience in education and multimedia marketing, I have truly learnt the importance of turning knowledge into living skills! Take myself as an example, learning English was easy to forget, and difficult to apply the learnt materials in life. Hence I was situated without a proper language learning environment became the worst problem. When I was in post-graduate school, apart from the acronyms and vocabulary for my study, my skills in listening and speaking in English did not develop through time that I have studied. I have also understood that learning a language does not require a particular skill, but more associate with immersing in a learning environment and a proper guidance during learning.

Therefore the founder Colleen and I want to create an online learning environment, where all parts of the world can communicate fluently in Chinese without difficulty, and really apply what has been learnt in real life, making Chinese a social skill that can promote oneself and also as a great professional tool.