Chinese Idioms~得不償失Bad bargain/上一次當學一次乖Once bitten twice shy

Today’s topic: Chinese idiom “得不償失” (Bad bargain or the loss outweights the profit) and ”上一次當學一次乖” (Once bitten twice shy, learn lesson out of mistakes) The lesson is recommended for intermediate and upper-intermediate students! We will appreciate any suggestions, so don’t forget to comment

And do you want to know what’s the different between “得不償失” and “因小失大.” See the video.

今天我們解釋「得不償失」和 「上一次當學一次乖」 俗語。 此課程推薦給中高級程度的學生。 歡迎大家在下方留言評論及建議。 大家歡迎分享按讚及訂閱

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